RYDF Creating Peer to Peer Player Opportunities


One of the most engaging aspects in racquetball is the connections in commonality the sport fosters. When it comes to playing professionally, that interaction finds a deeper meaning in self worth and making the most of opportunity. This is where it all starts with us at the Reaching Your Dream Foundation (RYDF).

When you look at some of the images from events that we’ve supported, it’s hard to spot any disparities from player to player. They all look as though they have the same opportunities and are experiencing the privilege of traveling, competing and having the means to do it. Our goals to raise funding that at its most basic level, lays down a sustainable way to keep players within this environment. One that offers some of them opportunities they otherwise would not be able to experience because they just don’t have the means to be there.

Some professional players have family or even personal resources so they can afford to travel to events on their own. Yet some players couldn’t even think about traveling as a professional because doing so is out of reach financially.   When these players are together, they each offer their own opportunity to change a group’s dynamic both on the charts and off the courts. It’s a matter of injecting diversity that inspires engagement, learning and sense of completeness.

It starts with the basics. Players with potential have to be alongside their professional peers for anything good to happen. Recognizing this allows for a foundation to take advantage of all the opportunities for professional growth. Taking advantage comes in the form of RYDF formalizing programming and building on all the aspects involved with touring professionally: how players train, how they learn to communicate, how they have fun. These and other things increase their opportunities to learn things other than racquetball while enriching their lives with invaluable life skills. In fact, RYDF players are finding themselves with kids and communities looking to them for something more than “just” racquetball. These players are engaging and exploring the world around them. It’s a profound opportunity to learn how to positively affect others and polish life skills that are forever.

With a solid grounding in confidence there is chance to change the world. This might sound overly dramatic. But we like to think of it as one world at a time.