Reaching Your Dream Foundation Enters Year Three

RYDF was established in 2014 as a nonprofit foundation to help grow racquetball by providing shared housing at professional racquetball tournaments to young men and women emerging as professional racquetball players.  In year one RYDF supported over 30 players at 15 World Racquetball Tour (WRT) and Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) stops. It soon became clear these young athletes also needed help off-the-court in areas such as branding, social media, presentation skills and developing longer-term career opportunities. RYDF enlisted the support of Rocky Carson, America’s most decorated professional racquetball player, to help develop an off-the-court mentoring program for these young emerging athletes. In year two, RYDF:

  • Provided off-the-court training on social media use, branding, and presentation skills
  • Added housing support for athletes playing at International Racquetball Tour (IRT) stops
  • Continued its housing support of athletes playing at WRT and LPRT stops

As year three begins, RYDF:

  • Has served over 90 emerging athletes in their quest to compete at the highest levels
  • Has implemented the RYDF Fitness Forever program which engages with underserved youth and adults to provide health and fitness programming, in collaboration with health clubs in their communities. We leverage our supported professional racquetball players for inspiration and mentoring, and have seen particular success to date with the In Shape Athletic Clubs and John Ellis’ Pro Racquetball Academy!
  • Is enhancing its off-the-court support for branding, social media use, and career development.
  • Continues to provide player support for WRT, LPRT and IRT tournament play

Finally, RYDF continues to support our emerging athletes’ desire to play at the highest level in international competition and national championships.  We’d like to congratulate star athlete Carla Munoz for winning her second consecutive national collegiate championship playing out of Colorado State University, Pueblo; and congratulations to star athletes Jake Bredenbeck and David Bobby Horn for their second place finish at the Pan Am Championships just completed in Costa Rica.

Please help RYDF continue its mission through our 3rd year!!!  Visit us at and make a tax-exempt donation.