Going Into 2015 - Where We Are And Where We Are Going


It’s been a crazy year for us. In our mission to create positive change through racquetball, we’ve taken the approach of focusing on facilitating and enhancing professional experiences for dedicated you players. In the few short months that we’ve actually put our money where our mouth is, there has been much in the way of learning, processing and progressively figuring out how to best provide support to young, aspiring professionals. We are finding it is a deeply passionate endeavor.

In the few months we have actually been supporting players, we have made a difference with a solid number of young professionals and their ability to afford accessing a professional experience. We know we’ve made a difference already, though we only are getting more exciting to know, that we have only begun to build on the value that comes from this.

Much of our efforts have hinged on the experiences the players get while they are on tour. We’ve learned that the lives they lead while traveling and playing are rich with learning opportunities that encompass all manner of social interaction and growth. All our focus has been pointed towards solidifying and formalizing programs that enhance their experiences in meaningful ways. For us, that means turning their experiences into life long lessons and individual growth. We have been comprehensively working on better identifying where the opportunities present themselves and facilitating structured programs to maximize their professional learning experience.

Some examples would be:

• The interactions players have with fans, and how these are opportunities to affect lives with information and encouragement.

• The need for discipline that transcends just racquetball, and how meaningful this quality translates into their lives.

• Culture and the need for having an open and understanding view of differences that ultimately are opportunities for growth.

• Social interaction, communication and the learning that can happen when you are acutely aware of those around you and your place in the world. From simple things like learning to command common daily tasks together, to working as a group for a common goal. These things happen during things like doing laundry all the way through cohesively giving workshops and demos together. Especially when two or three of our players are dealing with language barriers. (Racquetball is sometimes a uniquely individual sport, but inherently social. We understand there is a deep meaning to this.)

But simply pointing to a sport and saying, there is just no money for these types of experiences to happen seems unacceptable to us. There is a deep need to identify the need for these experiences to continue. Some of us feel the sport of racquetball seriously needs this. Because the young, driven professional is important to racquetball. There is opportunity there. In racquetball, like other professional sports, the professional has a real opportunity to positively affect lives through engagement. While at the same time, secure the future for their sport. For themselves and for the sport overall. It is for these reasons we have begun the process of expanding our community engagement and career development programming. We believe there are real and concrete ways we can make a positive difference and hone in on filling need.

All of us at RYDF are deeply passionate and committed to these goals. We will be specifically sharing much of of the successes that are happening now, as well as in the next few months. We are committed and fully understand that with help from people who believe in our principles and what we stand for, we can make a serious difference in their lives and our sport. We seriously need your encouragement and your support. The obvious way to do this is to support us with a tax deductible donation. Another way is to just follow us, hear and see what we are doing, and talk about us. Talk to your friends and to us, if you have questions and/or observations. We need your support.

Stay with us. If you want to believe in the future of racquetball. We want to call you a friend. We need you to believe in the future of our young professionals and the positive life affirming engagement that can happen the the sport of racquetball.

Thank you.  Happy Holidays from all of us at Reaching Your Dream.