Getting to know David Bobby Horn


David Bobby Horn was always an athlete. In high school his main sport was basketball and he was frequently found shooting around the gym at the In-Shape West Lane racquetball club in Stockton. A group fitness dance class held in the gym would interrupt David’s time on the basketball court, leaving him two options:  hanging around the club doing nothing, or going home to do nothing.  One day while waiting for the basketball court, Jose Diaz invited him to hit the racquetball around. David, being a natural athlete and competitor, was immediately hooked. From that first day, David loved racquetball. It wasn’t about playing racquetball competitively; it was just for enjoyment.  As a teen who didn’t really know where he was going with his life, racquetball became a positive outlet and a way to stay out of trouble.

David embraced the Stockton racquetball scene and started traveling to tournaments with Diaz and the Rojas family. This was David’s first opportunity to travel, ever.  With the excitement of traveling and his love for the sport, David started to see how racquetball could be a part of his future. Today, through his professional career, David has been all over the United States, places like New York City, Chicago, and the beautiful state of Colorado, where he hopes to fish the next time he is there (fishing is David’s second passion). In addition to traveling the United States, he has played tournaments in Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile.


You can still find David at the gym, but now he’s on the racquetball court, playing, practicing or teaching. As a consistent quarter finalist and frequent semi-finalist, David is a top player on the World Racquetball Tour (WRT), and is now at the No. 3 spot.  In the last year, David has made changes to his diet, his training habits and has focused on dedicating his life to racquetball. It was this past August in San Luis Potosi where Horn saw his hard work and dedication pay off.  At the 2015 San Luis Open this season, David won his first WRT title, defeating No. 2, Jake Bredenbeck in the finals 15-9, 15-2. The win in San Luis has further fueled David’s enthusiasm for training and competing. David is hungry for another title.

Mike Lippitt, RYDF Founder and Bobby Horn

Mike Lippitt, RYDF Founder and Bobby Horn

David continued to wet his appetite this season, at the U.S. Open where he battled Alvaro Beltran in Round of 16s. He won game two against Beltran, but ultimately lost in four games. And in the U.S. Open Doubles Quarter Finals, with his partner and Junior Mexican National Champion Andree Parrilla, they battled against Ben Croft and Kane Waselenchuck in a nail biting three game showdown. David and Parrilla won game one, 15-5, lost game two, 15-6, and answered back in game three tied at 10-10, but ended up losing 11-10.  The young duo continued as a team again at the WRT Modesto Open, where they won the Doubles Championship against Jake Bredenbeck and Jose Diaz 14-15, 15-11, 11-4.

From the great support he has received at home in Stockton to the opportunities he has had with the World Racquetball Tour and the Reaching Your Dream Foundation, David is so grateful he can make a career for himself in professional racquetball. In addition to traveling on the WRT, David teaches racquetball at ClubSport Pleasanton and is in his final year at Cal State East Bay. When David returns from the Pan American Championships he will then be off to Tempe, AZ where he will be representing California State University East Bay playing #1 Singles in the collegiate nationals.

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