Parrilla Claims First IRT Title

Andree Parrilla has been a force to be reckoned with for many years. A finalist as a 17-year-old at the 2014 Pan Am Championships, we have seen this young man mature from a successful junior career into a very competitive contender in the senior ranks. And then, just a few short weeks ago, he claimed his first IRT pro stop title in Chicago. We caught up with him briefly to discuss his experience.


What was it like to win your first IRT stop?

It felt pretty good. I was waiting for that from when I first starting playing the tour. It was really tough, and for many tournaments, I lost in the first or second round without winning any money. So I’m really happy to have won my first IRT title.

Were you nervous?

Yes, I was really nervous when I made the final because I knew what an opportunity it was for me. I knew I might never get another chance. I hope I will have one, but I was really nervous. I knew I was playing Bobby (Horn) and I know him very well.

You finished 3rd in the Mexican Nationals which qualified you to play in the Pan Am Championships. What is it like playing for your country?

It is one of the best things to happen to me, to play for my country. I feel a little more pressure but I like that. It’s a great honor for me.

RYDF helps players, but some might not understand how they help you. Can you explain that a little?

Yeah, when I first started playing the tour, they started helping me financially. They helped to pay for hotels and the things that you have to pay for at a tournament. When they started helping me, it was a great help to me, because I couldn’t afford to go. For example, they have helped with my hotel, which has enabled me to start making a little money.

I think that it’s really important for younger players like me, who are just starting our adult careers, that people who like racquetball do donate. The sport is not very big, and the racquetball family is not really big yet. But we want to grow the sport. We want to grow as players. We want the tours and the IRF (International Racquetball Federation) to grow also. By donating and helping us to go to all the tournaments, it not only helps us but also helps the sport. 


With that win over another RYDF supported player, David “Bobby” Horn, Parrilla becomes only the fourth Mexican (Beltran, De La Rosa, Landa) to claim an IRT title. Look out for this young and entertaining player as he continues to represent Mexico at international and professional events.